Teaching: an indispensable part of preschool education

No educational institution is complete without a teacher. A child cannot assimilate the knowledge completely if he or she is not exposed to a good teacher. Hence teaching is very important for shaping the future generation. Earlier people had an isolated existence. But times have changed and now every citizen is a global citizen. Hence there has been some very prominent changes in the teaching style and approach. A new approach that has come up in teaching is the international approach to teaching, as every child would become a global citizen in future.

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Here are some criteria of an international educational system:

International educations makes the child adapt to different languages and cultures.

It involves an inclusive way of teaching where the child is made aware of his or her own culture and also know about the other cultures.

There is a holistic growth of the child as the child learns to acknowledge and recognize others and their different cultures.

The spirit of enquiry within the child is kindled in this process of teaching.

International preschool education teaches the child application skills. In various subjects the child is taught to apply the knowledge that he or she has assimilated individually and from others.

By taking an international approach to deal with local problems, one truly makes the child a global citizen.

Teaching is far more flexible and adaptive in nature than in the orthodox teaching style. It is also far more inclusive.

Last but not the least, the assessment is also of the international standard, setting a benchmark for everyone.

Hence when you apply now or RSVP now to any school, ensure they have an international approach to teaching.

Importance of multilingual teaching:

Another new approach to teaching in the recent times is the multilingual teaching process. As mentioned already everyone is a global citizen, hence it is important that one is more adept in multiple languages than just ones mother tongue and any other official language. It has been seen that children who are versatile linguistically have better analytical skills. They also have better social skills and can grasp academic concepts better.

The reading and writing skills of children who know more than one language are far more superior to those who are not. Also, multilingual teaching makes a child aware of other languages and more adaptable to other cultures.

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