How to Plan an Activity Area for a Nursery

The activity area of the nursery school is probably the place where the children will be spending most of their time. This is why the planning of this area is crucial as it needs to hold the child’s interest as well as be safe for the child while they learn. Each of the areas in the room should be dedicated to learning and should also be designed in such a way that the Childs interest is peaked and they are enthusiastic to learn more. Most importantly while planning this area you have to look at what it teaches the child.

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Block Area
This area should ensure that the child is prompted to build something. It should be filled with things such as wooden and cardboard boxes along with the standard foam blocks that schools usually have. If the children are slightly bigger they can also be allowed to play with smaller things that they can build creative structures with.

Play Kitchen
This is a great way to promote pretend play among the kids. They can imagine that it is a restaurant, a cafe or even their tree house. This area doesn’t even just need to be a kitchen you can keep changing the space to look like different things so that the children can pretend to be in a different place every week or months.

You should have a section of the activity room set out as a library where the children can find many books. This not only helps the child learn languages but also helps them develop a love for books and reading.

Arts and crafts area
This should be the area where the child can let their creativity flow. It is where all of the craft supplies and colors are kept so that they use it whenever inspiration strikes.

Sensory Table
A nursery school is where the child develops their sense of touch, this is where they learn how different materials feel. You can use this area to help the child discover different properties of things like snow, buttons, sand, water, beads, etc.

Outdoor area
It is very important that the child is given some time to play in the fresh air during their time at nursery. This area should be safe for the child and well supervised any time the children are playing here.

Writing area
This is another important area in your room. This is where they will develop their writing skills.

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