Easy Way To Ensure Your Baby Skin Is Moisturized All Day Long

Your Baby’s Skin Is Important

As a new mom, it is your responsibility to ensure that your baby gets the care and attention he needs. Of course, doing this isn’t going to be easy, but it is certainly going to yield good results. 

Babies have a reputation for having smooth skin that is free from blemishes. However, if their skin isn’t well taken care of, it will become prone to irritation and a few other issues. 

To prevent this, you have to ensure that your baby’s skin is hydrated all day long. If you are a first-time mom, you are maybe clueless about how to do this. 

This article shares some tips that will help ensure that your baby’s skin is moisturized all day long. 

Invest In A Good Moisturizer 

As you likely know, the skin of babies is delicate and prone to skin issues like rash and eczema, especially when they become too dry. 

Applying a good moisturizer will help prevent these issues from springing up in the first place. Many of the best baby moisturizers in the market contain hydrating properties that can make the skin glow. 

Presently, there are so many moisturizers in the Singaporean market. Buying the first one that catches your attention or the cheapest one you can find is by no means a good idea, as the benefits they offer may be short-lived. Even worse, they may contain ingredients that may cause irritation. 

To ensure that you choose the best moisturizer for your baby, you should consult your doctor before going shopping. 

Be sure to stay away from moisturizers that contain dyes and perfumes, as they can irritate your baby’s skin. 

Don’t Expose Your Baby To The Sun For Too Long

Several studies have shown that the sun offers a handful of benefits for adults. The same cannot be said for babies, as their skin is very delicate and can be irritated by the heat from the sun. 

To protect ourselves from the rays of the sun, we often use sunscreens. You cannot apply sunscreen to your baby, as their skin is still very delicate. A report from the FDA shows that sunscreen should not be applied to newborns and babies who aren’t above 6 months of age. Below are a few things recommended by the FDA. 

Ensure That Your Baby Is In A Shaded Area Most Of the Time  

Don’t expose your baby to the sun between 10 am to 4pm. During this period, the UV rays from the sun are intense. 

Applying Moisturiser At The Right Time 

The time you apply a moisturizer to your baby determines its level of effectiveness. Many pediatrics recommend applying moisturizers while the skin is damp. 

Final Note 

As a loving mom, you should be ready to go the extra mile to ensure that your baby’s skin is blemish-free. This can mean everything from investing in a good moisturizer to limiting your baby’s exposure to the sun. 

Applying the tips discussed in this article, go a long way in ensuring that your baby’s skin is moisturized all day long. Moisturisers for babies in Singapore are mostly of good quality, but please check with your doctor for more information.

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Teaching: an indispensable part of preschool education

No educational institution is complete without a teacher. A child cannot assimilate the knowledge completely if he or she is not exposed to a good teacher. Hence teaching is very important for shaping the future generation. Earlier people had an isolated existence. But times have changed and now every citizen is a global citizen. Hence there has been some very prominent changes in the teaching style and approach. A new approach that has come up in teaching is the international approach to teaching, as every child would become a global citizen in future.

One such preschool that can provide such an environment is Chiltern House Preschool Singapore. Check their website out here: https://www.chilternhouse.com.sg/

Here are some criteria of an international educational system:

International educations makes the child adapt to different languages and cultures.

It involves an inclusive way of teaching where the child is made aware of his or her own culture and also know about the other cultures.

There is a holistic growth of the child as the child learns to acknowledge and recognize others and their different cultures.

The spirit of enquiry within the child is kindled in this process of teaching.

International preschool education teaches the child application skills. In various subjects the child is taught to apply the knowledge that he or she has assimilated individually and from others.

By taking an international approach to deal with local problems, one truly makes the child a global citizen.

Teaching is far more flexible and adaptive in nature than in the orthodox teaching style. It is also far more inclusive.

Last but not the least, the assessment is also of the international standard, setting a benchmark for everyone.

Hence when you apply now or RSVP now to any school, ensure they have an international approach to teaching.

Importance of multilingual teaching:

Another new approach to teaching in the recent times is the multilingual teaching process. As mentioned already everyone is a global citizen, hence it is important that one is more adept in multiple languages than just ones mother tongue and any other official language. It has been seen that children who are versatile linguistically have better analytical skills. They also have better social skills and can grasp academic concepts better.

The reading and writing skills of children who know more than one language are far more superior to those who are not. Also, multilingual teaching makes a child aware of other languages and more adaptable to other cultures.

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Do Schools Have The Right To Dictate Whether Kids Can Or Cannot Change Their Appearance?

Everyone encourages kids to be kids, use their imagination, think out of the box and so on and so forth. However, schools the world over have been trying to draw the line with the way kids dress to school.

When you are enrolling your child for a preschool education in Singapore , here is a list of do’s and don’ts for children. If you are a parent looking to send your young one to a preschool, check out this Chiltern House Review for an honest review of preschools in Singapore.

Let us look at whether a school has the right to dictate whether children can or cannot change their appearance.

1. With families shifting from one continent to the next, children in the classroom are not a uniform predisposition – cultures and traditions differ from one child to the next. For instance, a child that sports a turban or a veil should not be requested to change her/his appearance to blend in with the rest of the class. It is intrusive.

2. A child who likes to wear her/his hair longer or shorter, with a slight change in appearance does not pose a problem to the education system In fact, if the little one during preschool education wants to experiment with a change of hair color, and does not neglect her/his studies, that should not be a problem for the school.

3. The other side of the story is a rigid education system that expects a uniform code of conduct by every child. The reason why many educators prefer this method is to instill a sense of discipline in the child so that s/he is able to concentrate rather than becoming a fashion icon for the rest of the class. Of course, this is debatable.

4. Schools generally follow certain rules and regulations. Some schools are quite authoritarian in their outlook which can pose to be a problem for parents who expect their children to be taught tolerance along with the syllabus. By instilling a strict and almost dictatorship mentality may give rise to children being scared.

5. A school is a place where children need to inculcate a sense of learning, understanding, observing, and bettering their brain power. Along the way, they are also taught social skills so that they become better people.

In Sum
While it is wise to ensure that kids are taught discipline, enforcing a uniform code does not make a child want to better her/himself. The objective and the focus is on trying to outshine the other. That being said, however, children are not expected to wear whatever they like or dress haphazardly while at school. Some element of discipline is the best way forward without too much of an imposition.

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A Few Reasons Why Teachers Need Training Before Teaching Kids

There is a critical difference between a tutor teaching foreign students a common international language and a teacher expected to teach children in kindergarten school.

If you are looking for a holistic kindergarten education for your child, do consider Chiltern House Kindergarten School. They have engaging activities to grow your child, and have good facilities to support your child. Do visit their website above.

Here are a few reasons why teachers require training before getting a job to teach kids.

One of the most imperative needs is that every teacher is expected to be an understanding person. Teaching a child in preschool is even more essential as kids at that stage tend to get cranky, fidgety, bored easily, and may cry at the drop of a hat or do anything random. That does not mean that the teacher needs to be quasi-parent – a firm understanding is required.

Without the basic knowledge in the realm of teaching one cannot stand at the helm of the classroom and impart knowledge. Every educator needs to have a training degree under her/his belt before joining a school as an educator. Many men and women, who have children, may feel that they have the skills, but that does not cut it, an educational qualification is the need of the hour.

Basic Math
Without being able to figure out the methodology of teaching children how to add, subtract, divide and multiply, in the early years, a teacher cannot take on the role. It is very crucial that the person has the knowledge and ability to explain through simple methods to a classroom of young restless kids. The idea is to get the child’s brain geared up for additional coursework in the later year.

Social Skills
Aside from providing a wide angled lens to students in the areas of education, teachers are required to know how to improve social skills among students. It may not take a degree to get it right, but as a part of the teachers training manual and curricula, the requirement remains. Ergo, imparting the need to better the social skills of children in the class is important for every educator to have on her/his belt.

Having read until this point, we hope that you have realised that kindergarten is not a trivial period for your child, and you should pay utmost attention to the quality of kindergarten you intend to send him/her to. Check out Chiltern House today to find out more about Chiltern House’s activities.

Soothing Voice
Students in the early years tend to freeze when they have a strict disciplinarian at the helm. While discipline is required in a classroom, being overly strict never won anyone any brownie points. Teachers, especially in the early years, are expected to have a soothing voice and cannot be nasty or rude to kids. Children do not know what is going on with adults, their thinking and reasoning ability is simple. In this regard, a teacher with a calm and collected manner will always be respected and loved by the students.

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How to Plan an Activity Area for a Nursery

The activity area of the nursery school is probably the place where the children will be spending most of their time. This is why the planning of this area is crucial as it needs to hold the child’s interest as well as be safe for the child while they learn. Each of the areas in the room should be dedicated to learning and should also be designed in such a way that the Childs interest is peaked and they are enthusiastic to learn more. Most importantly while planning this area you have to look at what it teaches the child.

If you intend to send your child to a nursery, do consider Chiltern House Nursery School. They prepare your child for formal education, and their activities include lessons in linguistics, Mathematics, Science and social group learning. If you are serious about a holistic education for your child, do check their website above.

Block Area
This area should ensure that the child is prompted to build something. It should be filled with things such as wooden and cardboard boxes along with the standard foam blocks that schools usually have. If the children are slightly bigger they can also be allowed to play with smaller things that they can build creative structures with.

Play Kitchen
This is a great way to promote pretend play among the kids. They can imagine that it is a restaurant, a cafe or even their tree house. This area doesn’t even just need to be a kitchen you can keep changing the space to look like different things so that the children can pretend to be in a different place every week or months.

You should have a section of the activity room set out as a library where the children can find many books. This not only helps the child learn languages but also helps them develop a love for books and reading.

Arts and crafts area
This should be the area where the child can let their creativity flow. It is where all of the craft supplies and colors are kept so that they use it whenever inspiration strikes.

Sensory Table
A nursery school is where the child develops their sense of touch, this is where they learn how different materials feel. You can use this area to help the child discover different properties of things like snow, buttons, sand, water, beads, etc.

Outdoor area
It is very important that the child is given some time to play in the fresh air during their time at nursery. This area should be safe for the child and well supervised any time the children are playing here.

Writing area
This is another important area in your room. This is where they will develop their writing skills.

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Should we be drinking iZumio Water?


Hydrogen works as an oxidant in the body. With the right amounts of hydrogen, any damage to the cells or tissues are eradicated and they improve. When cells do not get the right dosage of the natural gas, they get inflamed resulting in multiple illnesses. Some illnesses can be catastrophic like cancer, while others like hypertension or diabetes go on for life. We all are aware that water is comprised of both oxygen and hydrogen gas which are both essential to keep the body going. Unfortunately, since this light gas evaporates very quickly it hardly ever reaches all the cells in the body, which causes a chain reaction.


The Right Dosage

IZumio water improves the general health and well-being of an individual. The required dosage per person per day is a packet, which will suffice. However, if you can, go ahead with more, nothing this good will even cause you to break out with a negative reaction! For instance, it works as a preventive in the overall metabolic syndrome resulting in hypertension, insulin resistance, obesity, cholesterol, type 2 Diabetes and even cardiovascular disease. Being on this daily dose of water automatically increases the blood levels of the good cholesterol (HDL). It also improves glucose metabolism.


Rid the Body of Free Radicals

Most carcinoma patients go through chemo or radiation treatment to remove cancerous cells. Consumption of hydrogen water along with the treatment does not compromise the therapeutic effects of radiation or chemotherapy. In fact, patients will definitely show a marked improvement by the onslaught of free radicals trying to mark their territory on the good cells in the body. Many studies show that a considerable consumption of hydrogen water improves kidney functions and even slows down the progress of Parkinson’s. However, drinking too much of a good thing is never advised. In fact, about a glass a day (from the packet) is all that the body needs.


Choose the Right Brand

As you look at the phenomenal advantages of IZumio water, also detailed on the website http://alces.com.sg the truth is that it works rather well on the body. It also sets the mind at ease because every aspect that one is concerned about is done away. A packet a day is all that one needs. Plenty of brands profess claims that they are the real deal. It is in one’s best interests to find the right one and stick with the product. At the end of the day, if you can free your body from negative radicals that take root with about a glass of hydrogen water a day, why not try it.

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Drink Away to a Longer Life with iZumio

For years on end, people have been racking their brains about a way to extend their lives. Sometimes they are unable to go on because of a grave illness. This can occur because of a variety of factors, which could be genetic, environmental or physiological. Honestly, there is no real reason except that diet and exercise in the right doses can contribute to a healthy life well lived along with keeping the body and mind hydrated.


IZumio water improves the body and increases the shelf life. Unfortunately, not many are educated about hydrogen water and they settle with tap, bore well or regular mineral water. Hydrogen water is scientifically proven to rid the body of free radicals that cause extreme fatigue and limit the quality of the life. Organs like the liver and the intestines host considerable amounts of hydrogen. Therefore, they defuse the negative energy in these pockets of the body making one feel better. When there is a limited supply of hydrogen in any part of the body, you will feel the negative impact, which ultimately cuts back on the life of the person.


Everyone goes through the natural process of ageing which are both internal (within the body) and external. The former occurs because of oxidation where the insides of the body face damage because of bad eating choices, smoking, excessive drinking or a cocktail of drugs. The healthy cells therefore are damaged which as a ripple effect causes considerable problems to the rest of the body. External factors like pollution and extreme weather conditions results in the skin and the external parts of the body to corrode.


Hydrogen is known as the fuel of life. It slows down the ageing process and gives one the ability to live longer. A packet of IZumio water drunk every day works as a protective mechanism because it is the ideal antioxidant. Since the water is not only designed to make your life, better it also slows down the ageing process and keeps one healthy. Instead of trying out a variety of brands that claim to have the exiler of life, how about switching over to hydrogen water and seeing the difference.


Dead cells in the body are removed in favor of new and healthy ones. The website http://alces.com.sg has plenty of information to whet the appetite on the pros of the drink. From a simple perspective, a sip of this wonder drink will keep you healthy and give you a long lease of life, period.

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Improve the Texture of the Skin and Hair with iZumio 


To keep the body going, we need to hydrate it and water does the job and since it is an essential component of the body, it is very necessary. The body constitutes a considerable percentile of water where the skin, cells, organs and tissues need hydration to keep going. When the body is dehydrated, it cannot function as a whole. Due to this health related problems like dry skin, hair fall, constipation, allergies, hypertension, vertigo and a host of other health related woes occur.


The Benefits of Hydrogen Water on the Skin


The skin as we know it comprises of a number of cells that need the right amounts of water to keep it going. Instead of opting for anti ageing treatments that can skyrocket, iZumio water will definitely remove the dead cells and provide your skin with the right tone and texture.


Right amounts of water replenish the skin tissue to increase its elasticity. People suffering from a variety of long playing illnesses like eczema, psoriasis and early wrinkles benefit tremendously with the hydrogen water.


Digestion improves and shows an improvement on the skin as the toxins are done away with in favor of healthy glowing skin. There is nothing like a cold shower to ease the skin into the right mood so that it gets the proper dosage and improves in time.


The Benefits of Hydrogen Water on Hair


The hair thrives on water and the right amounts of shampoo, serum and simple treatments to keep it looking glossy and healthy. As you drink about a liter of iZumio water a day, you will notice the difference.


A lack of moisture on the hair makes it brittle, prone to split ends and hair fall. Many of us use any kind of water. Bore well water, for instance, has too many unnecessary minerals that destroy the roots of the hair.


The scalp and roots have a series of nerves that receive and transmit signals to the brain. The right amounts of water should be drunk every day to eliminate hair related worries like acute dandruff, lumps on the head, and so on and so forth.


Arresting hair fall or ridding the body of the horrid grey that creeps in suddenly can be a torture. One may require a series of programs by a Trichologist while the other requires a color change every fortnight or month. Hydrogen water gives the hair a new lease of life and slowly improves the texture of the hair and rids the dreaded grey.


Read up on the website http://alces.com.sg for more information to make you a believer.

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Types of facelifts available

Face lift treatments are used by men and women all over the world, to deal with the abnormalities of the aging skin.

An experienced and capable plastic surgeon will execute this procedure with an arty eye and extraordinary attention to detail in order to make sure that the patients are left with insignificant scarring and stunning, natural looking outcomes.

There is a wide array of surgical procedures available to choose from. Each uses a different approach or incision type depending on where on the face they are being used. This available variety enables surgeons to use the procedure process most suitable to the area under surgery and the results being pursued to maximize effectiveness and minimize the possibility of complications. If you are curious, your surgeon will provide a detailed description of the planned procedure and what techniques they will be employing

Below is a list of various types of face-lifting techniques.

#1 SMAS lifting

SMAS stands for Superficial Musculo Aponuerotic System. The SMAS layer consists of suspensory ligaments that encase the cheek fat. It is a popular method for facial rejuvenation. During the procedures, tissues in the mid-facial region and cheek bones is lifted and repositioned. The facial muscles are lifted and repositioned along with fatty layers above them. Modifications to this technique led to the next two types, “Deep plane” and “Composite”.

#2 Deep-plane facelift

Deep-plane facelifts are used to effectively treat the underlying deep tissue layers and lean muscle group with the goal of improving nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds), giving you a stronger jawline and a more pronounced chin. The effects could last for 10-15 years. It is the most common type of face-lift performed, especially on older people.

#3 Composite facelift

Like in the SMAS face-lift, the composite face-lifting also emphasizes on rejuvenating the face. It involves tightening the platysma muscles, and lifts the cheek tissue to reposition the fat, and to lift the cheek fat back up to the cheek bone. It will often require a brow lift as well to smooth the excess skin around the eye.

#4 Mid facelift

A mid facelift focuses on the mid-face area, the area between the cheeks, which could flatten by the time we reach our mid-30s. This has the harmless but undesirable effect of making a woman’s face look more masculine over time.

This procedure makes use of several small incisions that are made along the hairline and inside the mouth. This enables the surgeons to access and manipulate the fatty tissue layer in the affected areas, allowing them to be lifted and repositioned easily. The benefits of doing this include significant improvements being made to the nose-to-mouth lines and the roundness over the cheekbones, giving you a significantly more youthful appearance.

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Causes for dark eye circles

Eyes are the windows to the soul. But, what happens if these windows have ugly shades around them? Well, the shades in the form of dark circles under the eyes can be quite embarrassing. It not only makes one look older, but also gives an ominous look to the face. Furthermore, these dark circles are not restricted to older people alone. It can also occur in children and youth, as well. So, what are the reasons for these gloomy circles around the eyes?

Some of the main reasons you might want to consider dark eye circle treatment are:

  • Lack of sleep or excess of sleep: If sleep is not balanced, and a person lacks it, or overdoes it, the dark circles are bound to appear.
  • Alcohol and smoking: If one is addicted to alcohol or smoke a lot, then, the dark circles make their way into their lives as well as on their face.
  • Hereditary: Some people inherit good genes from their ancestors, while some others end up inheriting the dark circles.
  • Allergies: People suffering from nasal congestions and colds can also find these circles enveloping their eyes. This is due to their blood vessels getting dilated around the area.
  • Stress: This is one major reason that causes ominous-looking circles. While stress is a part of life and is unavoidable, we can try to minimize the circles.
  • Old age: With the aging process, the skin loses its thickness and starts sagging and darkening.
  • Iron Deficiencies: Iron is a very important nutrient for the blood and a deficiency of it can prevent the oxygen from getting transmitted to the eye tissues through blood.
  • Crying: Well, people who are emotional or are going through a lot of turmoil end up crying a lot, leading the way to dark circles.
  • Exposure to sun: When exposed to the sun, the body produces more melanin, which can lead to skin pigmentation.
  • Illnesses: Some illnesses like Mononucleosis, jaundice, Periorbital Cellulitis can also cause puffiness around the eyes.
  • Excessive salt intake: When too much salt is consumed, it leads to fluid retention in the body. And, this can again lead to dark circles.

Whatever the reason for dark eye circles, these need to be treated with proper medications and treatments. There are some effective dark eye circle treatments, which might include injectable fillers and other laser procedures. These can reduce the puffiness and lighten the circles around the eyes.

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Benefits of Lutein

Though every one of us may naturally be healthy, many of us tend to forget the fact that we must make efforts to maintain our health. One of the main mistakes we commit is to eat wrong foods that do not contain any nutrients. We are oblivious of the fact that this may lead to a number of health issues in future. Among such nutrients, lutein is very important because it can help us avoid being affected by ailments that are caused by free radicals that seem to be all-pervasive. It has also been proved that if we do not get sufficient lutein, we may be affected by issues with our stomach as well.

It is true that there are foods like eggs, corn, green and leafy vegetables, etc. that contain lutein. But unfortunately, we do not consume these foods as much as we should and hence, we are deprived of lutein. The only way to surmount this problem is to go for lutein supplements. Let us now look at how lutein can help us maintain the health of our stomach.


Free radicals enter our body through a number of sources, such as the air we breathe, the foods we eat and so on. The oxidative effects of these free radicals can be felt in many ways. One such effect is that there may be stomach disorders. We all know that the stomach is the organ that digests what we eat and ensures that the energy and the nutrition we get from the foods are passed on to various organs of our body with the help of our blood.

But when free radicals are allowed to act, they may make the digestive system sluggish, which means the body parts will not get the required nutrition or energy. This is one of the reasons that cause fatigue, lethargy, etc. in us. Lutein can nullify the impact of free radicals and invigorate the digestive system. To put it conversely, those who ignore the aspect of getting adequate quantities of lutein are more susceptible to getting affected by issues like indigestion and other stomach related problems.

In a nutshell, these supplements can work wonders to protect our stomach from the onslaught of free radicals. This means we can have a healthy digestive system that supplies a good amount of energy and nutrients to all our body parts. Therefore, our overall health will be excellent thanks to the benefits we get through lutein supplements.

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Surgery is not the only way to get back the looks of your 20s

Aging is a natural process. The impact of time and our current lifestyle usually shows on our skin. But today, there is such a wide range of treatments available in the market, which can help you stay young and maintain that 20s look for longer period of time. These treatments are both surgical like chin fillers and non-surgical in nature and are administered depending on the need of the skin. Here are some of the non-surgical procedures that take off a couple years from your skin:

Botox – Botox or Botulinium Toxin Type A is a protein derived from bacteria is an injectable toxin. Botox is injected in the skin in minute quantities and it works by relaxing the muscles under the skin. There is a decrease in the pull force on the surface of the skin, thereby smoothing any wrinkles in that area. Results of botox last between 4-6 months, depending upon the patient’s age and skin condition. If the lines on the skin are deeper and there is a substantial loss of skin elasticity, then other procedures like a threadlift or thermage are more effective.

Juvederm – Juvederm is a gel that contains hyaluronic acid, which is a type of sugar that is naturally prepared by the body to give elasticity and volume to skin. Juvederm when used in gel form can easily penetrate the skin and helps in giving a smooth and natural look. The Juvenderm gel works by binding the collagen and elastin together and the results can last for more than six months. The procedure is better compared to others as further deterioration of skin is also minimized with Juvederm.

Restylane – Restylane is also gel that removes wrinkles and gives volume to the injected area. The gel is a mixture of hyaluronic acid and water and is a perfect remedy for wrinkles on the chin, cheek lips and smile lines. Results of this technique can last up to six months.

Thread lift – Thread lift works by pulling the skin from underneath using strings. The technique is not that similar to a face-lift since the results of a thread-lift can last for a couple of months after which the skin begins to droop again and tightening is needed.

Thermage – Treatment of skin using thermage results in the building of skin collagen and restoring those perfect contours. The thermage technique makes use of radio frequency called ThermaCool. These frequency sources heat the skin and naturally restore collagen. The entire procedure takes about four months and the results are slow and steady. Thermage procedures work well for removing wrinkles, particularly on the neck, jawline, chin and upper eyelids. The results of this technology can last for a longer duration, which makes it a costlier treatment compared to other counterparts.

There is an expert team of dermatologists who help their patients to identify which of these techniques best suits to their patients who plan to undertake chin fillers in Singapore.

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How is Hydrogen Water different from Alkaline Water?

When you read articles on improving your health, you would have come across terms like “alkaline water” or “hydrogen water.” Many of you may not have heard of these products before since they are fairly recent developments in the fields of science and medicine. They were created to benefit our lives, make us healthier, and hopefully increase our lifespans. The benefits of these products are many, which is why they have become popular among fitness enthusiasts as well as doctors who recommend them. Let’s understand them better.

What is hydrogen water?

To put it simply, hydrogen water is regular water that contains dissolved hydrogen gas. Usually, you also find small amounts of magnesium as well. Magnesium is added since it reacts with water and breaks it down to hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Izumio Hydrogen Water is also created by electrolyzing ionizers that result in the formation of oxygen and hydrogen atoms. It is manufactured and sold under different brand names such as Izumio Hydrogen Water.

What is alkaline water?

This product can be described as regular water with a high pH level. On the pH scale, 7 is considered neutral, and anything above this is alkaline. The alkalinity range goes all the way up to 14. Alkaline water is produced using water ionizers and normally contains magnesium and calcium hydroxides. These compounds are known to be beneficial to the human body.

What is the difference between hydrogen and alkaline water?

The most distinctive difference between these products is what they are. One is a hydrogen-rich product while the other is alkaline. They are also manufactured using different processes. Despite their differences, both hydrogen water and alkaline water have great benefits for human health.

Hydrogen water is known to contain a lot of antioxidants, which are really important in preventing and reversing the harmful effects of free radicals. The hydrogen atoms neutralize free radicals and help eliminate them from our body. Hydrogen also plays a major role in gene expression and cell signaling. Another major role is the production and release of hormones like ghrelin which stimulates appetite. Studies show that hydrogen-rich water can benefit our systems in many other ways as well.

Alkaline water is also reported to be very beneficial to our health. It can help correct health problems like bone loss, weight loss, acid reflux, high blood pressure, digestive issues, etc. Alkaline water also provides better hydration than regular water, which makes it a very popular drink among athletes.

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Laser Treatment For Hyperpigmentation

Excess melanin causes hyperpigmentation on our skin, resulting in dark spots, freckles, sun spots, age spots, melasma and other darkened skin patches. These can be caused by exposure to the Sun, acne, hormonal changes, aging, and maybe even skin treatments that have gone wrong. Hyperpigmentation is usually harmless, but some may not like the aesthetic effect that they have. Wearing broad spectrum sunscreen is a good way to avoid getting spots, but there are various treatments available if you already have spots. Prescription ointments have been around for a while, but nowadays laser treatment is preferred as it provides better results. Most notably, Q-switched laser treatment is very effective in treating hyperpigmentation as it can remove pigment quickly and without scarring.

What is Q-switched laser treatment?

An Nd:YAG laser uses a crystal as a medium for the laser light and has a wavelength of 1064nm. This laser wavelength is capable of reaching deeper into the skin tissue compared to other types. A Q-switched laser is when an Nd:YAG laser produces two wavelengths – the 1064nm infrared and a different beam of 532nm wavelength which targets the superficial layers of the skin. In Q-switched mode, the laser produces high intensity beams in very short pulses. Q-switched laser can remove any unwanted dark spots, brown spots, sun spots, melasma and even tattoos from your skin.

Q-switched laser procedure

Protective eye-wear is worn during the procedure to protect the eyes from the laser. Topical anesthetic may be applied if required, but usually the pain is bearable. The sensation of the laser pulses is like hot pricks on the skin. Cold air is applied over the treatment area during the entire procedure in order to alleviate the hot, prickly sensations. After the procedure, an ice pack can be applied to soothe the treated area. Avoid scrubbing the treated area for at least a week following the procedure and avoid direct exposure to the sun and heat. It is advisable to moisturize the treated area with vaseline and keep it covered with bandages. A crust of skin will form and heal within 2 weeks. There is no downtime after a Q-switch laser treatment, but you can take it easy on your activities depending on which part of your body was treated.

If you want to try out a facial laser treatment, Singapore has some clinics that offer q-switched laser treatment for facial hyperpigmentation as well as for other issues, like acne marks, fairer skin and skin rejuvenation.

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