Types of facelifts available

Face lift treatments are used by men and women all over the world, to deal with the abnormalities of the aging skin.

An experienced and capable plastic surgeon will execute this procedure with an arty eye and extraordinary attention to detail in order to make sure that the patients are left with insignificant scarring and stunning, natural looking outcomes.

There is a wide array of surgical procedures available to choose from. Each uses a different approach or incision type depending on where on the face they are being used. This available variety enables surgeons to use the procedure process most suitable to the area under surgery and the results being pursued to maximize effectiveness and minimize the possibility of complications. If you are curious, your surgeon will provide a detailed description of the planned procedure and what techniques they will be employing

Below is a list of various types of face-lifting techniques.

#1 SMAS lifting

SMAS stands for Superficial Musculo Aponuerotic System. The SMAS layer consists of suspensory ligaments that encase the cheek fat. It is a popular method for facial rejuvenation. During the procedures, tissues in the mid-facial region and cheek bones is lifted and repositioned. The facial muscles are lifted and repositioned along with fatty layers above them. Modifications to this technique led to the next two types, “Deep plane” and “Composite”.

#2 Deep-plane facelift

Deep-plane facelifts are used to effectively treat the underlying deep tissue layers and lean muscle group with the goal of improving nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds), giving you a stronger jawline and a more pronounced chin. The effects could last for 10-15 years. It is the most common type of face-lift performed, especially on older people.

#3 Composite facelift

Like in the SMAS face-lift, the composite face-lifting also emphasizes on rejuvenating the face. It involves tightening the platysma muscles, and lifts the cheek tissue to reposition the fat, and to lift the cheek fat back up to the cheek bone. It will often require a brow lift as well to smooth the excess skin around the eye.

#4 Mid facelift

A mid facelift focuses on the mid-face area, the area between the cheeks, which could flatten by the time we reach our mid-30s. This has the harmless but undesirable effect of making a woman’s face look more masculine over time.

This procedure makes use of several small incisions that are made along the hairline and inside the mouth. This enables the surgeons to access and manipulate the fatty tissue layer in the affected areas, allowing them to be lifted and repositioned easily. The benefits of doing this include significant improvements being made to the nose-to-mouth lines and the roundness over the cheekbones, giving you a significantly more youthful appearance.

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