Causes for dark eye circles

Eyes are the windows to the soul. But, what happens if these windows have ugly shades around them? Well, the shades in the form of dark circles under the eyes can be quite embarrassing. It not only makes one look older, but also gives an ominous look to the face. Furthermore, these dark circles are not restricted to older people alone. It can also occur in children and youth, as well. So, what are the reasons for these gloomy circles around the eyes?

Some of the main reasons you might want to consider dark eye circle treatment are:

  • Lack of sleep or excess of sleep: If sleep is not balanced, and a person lacks it, or overdoes it, the dark circles are bound to appear.
  • Alcohol and smoking: If one is addicted to alcohol or smoke a lot, then, the dark circles make their way into their lives as well as on their face.
  • Hereditary: Some people inherit good genes from their ancestors, while some others end up inheriting the dark circles.
  • Allergies: People suffering from nasal congestions and colds can also find these circles enveloping their eyes. This is due to their blood vessels getting dilated around the area.
  • Stress: This is one major reason that causes ominous-looking circles. While stress is a part of life and is unavoidable, we can try to minimize the circles.
  • Old age: With the aging process, the skin loses its thickness and starts sagging and darkening.
  • Iron Deficiencies: Iron is a very important nutrient for the blood and a deficiency of it can prevent the oxygen from getting transmitted to the eye tissues through blood.
  • Crying: Well, people who are emotional or are going through a lot of turmoil end up crying a lot, leading the way to dark circles.
  • Exposure to sun: When exposed to the sun, the body produces more melanin, which can lead to skin pigmentation.
  • Illnesses: Some illnesses like Mononucleosis, jaundice, Periorbital Cellulitis can also cause puffiness around the eyes.
  • Excessive salt intake: When too much salt is consumed, it leads to fluid retention in the body. And, this can again lead to dark circles.

Whatever the reason for dark eye circles, these need to be treated with proper medications and treatments. There are some effective dark eye circle treatments, which might include injectable fillers and other laser procedures. These can reduce the puffiness and lighten the circles around the eyes.

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