Do Schools Have The Right To Dictate Whether Kids Can Or Cannot Change Their Appearance?

Everyone encourages kids to be kids, use their imagination, think out of the box and so on and so forth. However, schools the world over have been trying to draw the line with the way kids dress to school.

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Let us look at whether a school has the right to dictate whether children can or cannot change their appearance.

1. With families shifting from one continent to the next, children in the classroom are not a uniform predisposition – cultures and traditions differ from one child to the next. For instance, a child that sports a turban or a veil should not be requested to change her/his appearance to blend in with the rest of the class. It is intrusive.

2. A child who likes to wear her/his hair longer or shorter, with a slight change in appearance does not pose a problem to the education system In fact, if the little one during preschool education wants to experiment with a change of hair color, and does not neglect her/his studies, that should not be a problem for the school.

3. The other side of the story is a rigid education system that expects a uniform code of conduct by every child. The reason why many educators prefer this method is to instill a sense of discipline in the child so that s/he is able to concentrate rather than becoming a fashion icon for the rest of the class. Of course, this is debatable.

4. Schools generally follow certain rules and regulations. Some schools are quite authoritarian in their outlook which can pose to be a problem for parents who expect their children to be taught tolerance along with the syllabus. By instilling a strict and almost dictatorship mentality may give rise to children being scared.

5. A school is a place where children need to inculcate a sense of learning, understanding, observing, and bettering their brain power. Along the way, they are also taught social skills so that they become better people.

In Sum
While it is wise to ensure that kids are taught discipline, enforcing a uniform code does not make a child want to better her/himself. The objective and the focus is on trying to outshine the other. That being said, however, children are not expected to wear whatever they like or dress haphazardly while at school. Some element of discipline is the best way forward without too much of an imposition.

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